AdBlue by IOB is an aqueous solution without phrases of danger used for the control of emissions of NOx in the exhaust fumes of diesel engines that use catalysts SCR ( Selective Catalytic Reduction) , which reacts with the exhaust gases within of the catalyst , decomposes the nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapor.
Back in 2007, Ilario Ormezzano Sai sensed the importance to focus on products targeted ecology was one of the first sites to produce the Italian AdBlue ® for a large European multinational .
Today, with the certification of our system AdBlue by IOB by the VDA Qualitas manegment Center Verbad im der Automobilindustrie we are able to produce, market and deliver the product :

•    complete of certificate of chemical analysis according to ISO 22241;
•    ensuring the traceability of each lot of production in compliance with ISO 22241;
•    bulk at customers with dedicated trucks and filling with counter;
•    in packs of different volume from IBC 1000 liters up to the 5 liter tan

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